UX Design / UI Design / user testing

Improving the photo-
sharing path

PrivateCamera is a mobile app for sharing encrypted images.

Business objectives

To create a mobile application that allows photos to be taken and shared without saving them on the device. Encrypted photos are uploaded to a zero-knowledge server.

To test the server's capabilities on real data.


The app project came out of the initiative of the Project Owner, who came up with an idea for how the app would work. Together with the business team, we came to the conclusion that the application would be aimed at people who want to quickly share photos (e.g. from holidays) with friends without the need to use external cloud spaces, and at the same time want to keep their privacy.


A card sorting method was used to design the information architecture, involving the design team, business team and developers.

My task was then to design lo-fi and hi-fi wireframes that reflected the structure and functionality of the application.

Together with UX Writerm, we created the relevant messaging, onboarding and empty states.


By working with the developers at an early design stage, we were able to identify technical limitations and UX issues arising during implementation. During this stage, we made sure that all user interactions with the interface were properly labelled. We took care of the registration process, changing passwords and sending access for other users.


When the first version of the app was created, I designed usability tests. The tests consisted of tasks to explore the navigation and functionality of the product. The first study was performed on 5 users and took the form of a participatory study focusing on observing user behaviour.

During testing, each test subject had considerable difficulty uploading photos to the album.

- For that moment, the mechanics of sharing consisted of selecting unwanted photos, deleting them and uploading all remaining photos to the album, using the 'Send all' button.

- Users, being used to selecting the images they want to upload, were accidentally deleting images that were intended to be uploaded.

Resolution: We have abandoned the idea of creating an upload queue, we have removed the "Send all" button. After the changes, users select the photos they want to send.

The next round of tests showed a very positive impact of the above changes. The second test group had no problems uploading photos.