USer feedback / UX Design / UI Design

Improving the product selection process

The form was designed for an ecommerce store selling red light therapy devices.

Business objectives

The aim was to reduce the number of questions related to choosing the right product on the support page. A large proportion of users were leaving the purchase process without knowing which product was suitable for their needs.


Based on the data collected in Google Analytics and discussions with the owner of the online shop, I drew up personas representing the target groups and their needs.

The largest number of clients were in the 40 to 60 age range. The main concerns were:
- Prevention of hair loss
- Prevention of skin ageing
- Prevention of muscle cramps and knee pain, arthritis

Statistics have shown that many clients are active, participate in sports and use red light therapy for soft tissue regeneration.

The products available in the shop were divided into two categories related to the size of the device:
- Whole body
- Specific area


The designed form consisted of two steps:

1. The first step was to select a problem from the list created during the client analysis (Some users received a suggestion already in the next step, as some problems had dedicated devices).

2. The second step was to select the area to be treated (e.g. assuming the client had selected soft tissue regeneration - whether a specific muscle or a large area of the body such as the back would be treated).

The results of the form showed a maximum of two devices that best matched customer needs.


In addition to designing the form, I was also responsible for the full re-design of the online shop.